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Orban: For Romania, Lisbon Strategy means high productivity, investment in human resources and infrastructure upgrading

For Romania, the implementation of Lisbon Strategy means a rise in productivity, investment in workforce training and in human resources in general, and the upgrading of the infrastructure, said on Friday, in Bucharest, European Commissioner for multilingualism Leonard Orban.
At a press conference after a round-table conference on 'Social-economic evolution in Romania: good use of the opportunities offered by Lisbon Strategy of the European Union for development and jobs', Orban stressed Romania's need to make good use of 'the opportunity window' it currently has, consisting in the low cost of the workforce.
But he said that this asset, 'which could last for five, seven or eight years more,' must not be regarded as a purpose, it has to be used to boost the adoption of reform measures.
Leonard Orban said that nobody can deny the progress made by Romania, he added that the EU Executive 'looks both at the full part of the glass and at the empty one' He admitted that Romanian authorities have allocated in the past two years important sums of money in some areas, such as education, but he cautioned that this is not enough, this has to be correlated with the structural reforming of the system, the education one, in this particular case.
'The system needs structural change, for it to bring efficiency and high quality, ' Orban said.

As for the round table conference on Lisbon Agenda, he explained that the purpose for its organization has been to find a large basis in support of the measures Romania has to take in the coming period, for the successful implementation of the provisions of Lisbon Strategy, he said this target has been hit, considering that the list of participants included representatives of all the players in the Romanian society, from the highest political level, to the social, academic level and the business environment.
ForMin Lazar Comanescu insisted on the fact that the process of reforms Romania is to adopt in the period to come 'is important for the entire society', a reason why it has to be assumed, on the one hand, by all the political parties, and on the other hand, by the private sector and the civil society.
'Once adopted, this plan of measures has to be fully implemented, ' said Comanescu. He insisted on the need that the stage of implementation of the measures concerned be monitored, at national level, by the Executive, by the civil society and the media, and also by the European Commission.
Orban explained that the EU Executive has a special method of monitoring, called 'The Open Method of Coordination', it consists in recommendations to the EU member states, in facilitating the exchange of experience at their level, and, if necessary, in critical analyses.
In this context, Orban said that, on Monday, May 26, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso will meet with the national coordinators of the process of implementation of the action plan related to Lisbon Agenda.
This Dec. the European Commission will draw up a report on the stage of implementation of this plan of action, which will be presented to the European Council, due in March 2009.

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