Basescu: Romania stays outside political decisions on China Olympics

Romania will stay outside the political decisions related to the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in August, President Traian Basescu said in the beginning of talks with visiting president of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge, at the presidential Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday.
'First of all, we are happy to have you here. On this occasion, we want to be very clear with respect to Beijing: we'll never accept any political approach to the Olympic Games and I encourage our president (of the Romanian Olympic Committee – editor's note) to communicate the participants that Romania will stay outside the political decisions referring the Olympics, which is very important. We consider that the Olympics are not a place to be covered by political decisions. Let us leave the athletes to decide who the first one is', said Basescu, with his view being shared by Rogge.

The IOC president is visiting Romania to attend the opening of the Olympic Sport Complex based at Izvorani (near Bucharest) on Wednesday, an event to be also attended by Basescu.
Also taking part in Tuesday's meeting at the Cotroceni Palace was chairman of the National Sport Agency Octavian Belu, presidential advisor Mariana Bitang and the Romanian Olympic Committee president Octavian Morariu.
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