Financial consultant investigated in 3 mln euros scam

A financial consultant, collaborator of Allianz Tiriac insurance-reinsurance company, is criminally investigated for extorting approximately three million euros from a number of 120 people.
According to the Communication Service of the Police Forces of the Capital, the case containing the criminal complaint formulated by the respective company against the aforementioned financial consultant was finalized by policemen and forwarded to the Prosecutors' Office with Bucharest Tribunal with the proposal of declining competence in favor of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) in this case file of fraud, false and use of false.
The police investigators came to the conclusion that the insurance agent, throughout the contract of collaboration with Allianz Tiriac, induced and maintained the error in case of 120 insured people, by promising unreal profitability rates for the insurance policy amounts deposited in the aim to be invested.
A number of 120 people testified, of whom 33 submitted criminal complaints against the respective insurance agent.

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