Float glass tops building materials market

The Romanian building materials market grossed around 3.5 billion euros, with thermo insulated joinery at the top, last year.
The float glass covered 34.28 percent of the sales last year, grossing 1.2billion euros, whereas the cement contributed about 1billion euros to the market, said Romanian Building Materials Makers Association chairman Claudiu Georgescu.
The building materials products and market are expected to attain 5 billion euros, late this year, scoring thus a 42.8 percent rise against the year before, Georgescu said.

Romania ranks second among the EU countries depending on the growth pace in the building material production in the Q1 of this year with an advance worth 32.2 percent than over the same time span in 2007, the EU Statistical Office Eurostat says.
In March 2008, Romania ranked first among the EU countries at a growth pace of 32.5 percent than during the same month of the previous year.
Building works grew by 32.2 percent in Q1 of the year 2008 than during the same time span the year before, most of them for all building types, non-residential, residential and engineering buildings respectively, National Statistics Institute (INS) data say.
Over 1,000 Romanian-made products and building materials were registered with the Single Registry of Attested and Aggregate Building Products, as imposed by Romania’s EU joining. It is an achievement of the building materials industry, Georgescu stressed, adding that the products earned the CE brand and they can be exported to the EU states.
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