ILO calls Romania to account

At a General Assembly in 2007, the International Labour Organization (ILO) decided to place Romania on the list of special cases discussed by the ILO Commission on Norms and also to monitor Romania’s observance of the Protection of Wages Convention no. 95/1949, ratified in 1973, following the Federation of Free Education Trade Unions filing a complaint against the
Romanian Government for the violation of the Convention that was registered with the ILO Office in Geneva.

"The fact that the reply of the Romanian Government filed with the ILO did not reflect the real situation has determined this international organization to place Romania, for the second time in two years, on the list of the special cases to be discussed by the ILO Commission on Norms at its June 2008 General Assembly,” says Chairman of the Federation of Free Education Trade Unions Aurel Cornea.
The ILO argues that the reasons for its decision in relation to Romania regards the Romanian Government having failed to draw up yet a draft law on the pay to public employees, as pledged under an agreement concluded with education trade unions on November 28, 2005, that would reduce the gaps between the teacher’s pay and the pay to other public employees; its failure to pay the agreed holiday bonuses, the 100 percent of the base pay bonus for extra time in the weekend, as well as of other bonuses and benefits agreed upon in the collective labour agreement.
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