McKinsey report indicates expats profit companies a great deal

International mobility of specialist staff and executives working with multinational companies, as well as the cultural diversity of the teams that results from such staff redeployment generate excellent financial performance, reveals a report by McKinsey, a world leader in strategic consulting.
McKinsey Romanian Managing Partner Andrei Caramitru told daily Business Standard on Wednesday that the multinationals operating in Romania that make use of international staff redeployment programmes bringing expats to Romania and deploying Romanians to key jobs in other countries manage to yield excellent results, both in terms of staff recruitment and retention, and in terms of financial performance.

According to the McKinsey report, senior managers of companies with the best financial results have been subjected to two cross-border staff redeployments, on the average, in their business life, compared with an average of 1.5 times, as is the case with the other managers interviewed for the report. The report points out that, surprisingly, international mobility is still limited, as very many people are afraid that relocation might negatively affect their career.
Caramitru argues that international mobility helps companies develop their managers’ careers, while at the same time promoting diversity and adaptability.
McKinsey opened in 2007 a local office in Bucharest City for its Romanian surveys that is manned by a staff of 15 consultants and 30-50 experts, most of them coming from other departments of the company. There are also some 50 Romanian nationals working with the global offices of this giant consulting company.
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