Pensions authority official: Romanian migrant workers back if wage tax scrapped

Romania should introduce tax facilities, such as wage tax scrapping, in order to bring back home Romanian migrant workers, who would contribute to the growth of national economy, said Doru Claudian Frunzulica, member of the Council of the Private Pensions Supervisory Commission (CSSPP) at the FIAR forum on insurance organized in Sinaia.
"In absence of fiscal facilities, the labour market won’t be able to support an annual economic growth of six pct. In my capacity as CSSPP representative I suggested the government to introduce such measures, that were applied with notable effects in Spain, Italy or Portugal,” said Frunzulica.
He mentioned that by removing the wage tax, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese employers were able to offer their citizens working out of country wages close or equal to those they were pocketing abroad.
"I think we should bring Romanians back, not import Chinese or Ukrainians. Romania too offers tax facilities to IT employers, which halted the migration of the sector’s skilled workforce,” said the CSSPP representative.
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