Poultry meat market trebles in seven years

Poultry meat consumption grew 3.5 times over the past 7 years, reaching about 21 kg of meat per capita, compared to 6 kg in 2000.
Vice-president of the Union of Poultry Breeders of Romania (UCPR) Ioan Popa told daily Romania libera that the most spectacular evolution of consumption was registered over 2000-2004, followed by moderation also because of the bird flu crisis.
According to Popa, the price of eggs is not correlated with spending. Therefore, the UCPR official said that eggs are sold at a lower price than the production price. "This situation will prompt us to halt the egg production for consumption and focus on eggs for reproduction. Starting next week, will have no hens for eggs left and the stock of eggs will be sold at the price on the market," said Popa.
Meat producers are affected by the rise in the price of utilities, but also by the increase of the price of fodders.
"Another paradox has been noticed as regards poultry meat. When the costs are higher, the price steadies or goes down. As of September 2007 the rise was ranged between 5-10 percent, although it should have been higher because all the costs of the production process almost doubled. For instance, for corn the price went up from 0.32 lei/per one kilogram (about 0.1 euros/kg) to 0.8 lei per kg (about 0.22 euros/kg)," said Popa.
Admitting the poultry meat price evolution is hard to anticipate at present, the UCPR official believes that the rise, however, will not be high in the upcoming period.
Popa said that manufacturers hope that through the investments made so far in poultry farms which were supported by the constant growth of the market, to boost exports of poultry meta, especially of chicken legs very appreciated in the EU.

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