Renault, Egger, Clasonic Kansei and Saint Gobain top investments in Romania

Renault tops by far the ranking of foreign investors in Romania, followed by Egger (Austria), Clasonic Kansei (Japan) and Saint Gobain (France), informs the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments (ARIS).
Thus, with the investments of Renault Mechanique and Renault Technologie, the French company ranks first, with investments of 676 million euro and 3,650 employees.
With 210 million euro invested, Austrian company Egger ranks 2nd in the ranking of foreign investments in Romania. The producer of wooden materials is based in Radauti /north-east of Bucharest/ and has 700 employees.

According to ARIS, the 3rd place is occupied by 2 companies – Clasonic Kansei and Saint Gobain – which have in Romania investments of 120 million euro each. The difference between them consists in the number of employees. Clasonic Kansei employs 1,050 people, whereas the French company has 200 employees.
Delphy Diesel (USA) has invested in Romania 100 million euro, and ranks 4th. Delphy Diesel, one of the world’s biggest providers of car components, has 1,000 employees in Iasi /north-east of Bucharest/.
Recently entered the local market, Nokia (Finland) has invested 60 million euro, and ranks 5th.
Nokia has 500 employees in Romania.
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