Romania attends IT&C Forum in Nice

The new IT&C technologies represent the support to implement and simplify administration rules and proceedings for non-discriminatory access to public services, State Secretary for IT&C Zoltan Somodi told a national forum on the use of information technologies in the public sector held in Nice.
The Romanian official talked about Romanian – French cooperation in IT&C field, consolidated in 2004 under a cooperation agreement, and by bilateral meetings with the French counterparts over the past years.
Inviting Romania to the Nice Forum as a guest of honor means the acknowledgement of the efforts Romania’s Government has made to promote the use of IT&C technologies in the public institutions to the citizens’ benefit.

"In Romania’s vision, the part the new technologies play is to set up the support for the implementation and simplification of several administration rules and proceedings in order to provide a wider and non-discriminatory access to public services along with curbing service tariffs and operational staff costs,” says Somodi.
He also presented two important IT&C projects on the knowledge-based economy based and e-auction. The first project has installed local electronic communication networks in 20 percent of Romania’s countryside areas and that benefited over 1.8 million inhabitants of villages and towns which population numbers less than 30,000 people.
The e-auction project allows public bodies to e-buy materials they use in their daily business.
The project is managed by the Information Society Services Agency, operating under the authority of the Communications and Information Technology Ministry (MCTI). Since 2002, when the system was opened, it has brought Romania savings in excess of 200 million euros.
Romania ranks first in Europe in terms of the percentage of e-mailing notifications for publication in the Official Gazette, MCTI sources say.
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