Romanian car market, up almost 14 percent in first four months of 2008

The sales of new cars on the Romanian market went up 13.9 percent in the first four months of 2008, against the same period of 2007 and stood at 110,839 units, according to information made public on May 19 by the Association of Car Producers and Importers (APIA).
The buses represented the market’s most active segment, with 279 percent increase (almost four times), followed by utility vehicles of 3.5-6 tons (228 percent), while the sales of cars went up only 9.1 percent (90,594 units).
The domestic production stood at 81,322 vehicles, of which 76,971 cars, up 9.8 percent against the same period of 2007 (9.6 percent for cars).
Exports went up 15.7 percent, at 44,439 vehicles, of which 38,413 cars.
Imports of cars increased by 23.5 percent, at 79,901 units, with a 18.3 percent growth in the case of cars (62,397 units).
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