Romanian telecom market, worth 4.1 bln in 2007

Romania’s telecom market reached 4.1 billion euros in 2007, 30 percent more year-on-year, making Romania one of the most dynamic markets in the region, according to a report by PMR Consulting market research company. "The mobile phone market, which contributed two thirds to the market value, makes up the largest segment in Romanian telecom and will continue to increase in 2008. By contrast, the landline phone market decreased last year, mainly due to mobile phone popularity and an increase in Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) services,” reads the report.
PMR analyst Ovidiu Oancia, the report’s author, valuates the Romanian mobile phone market at 2.66 billion euros in 2007, the landline phone market at 1.15 billion euros, and 300 million euros for internet services, the latter up 25 percent last year.
Orange mobile phone company posted turnover of 1.23 billion euros and Cosmote 150 million euros. Vodafone will announce its results next week, while Zapp will post results on the Ministry of Economy and Finances website.
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