Romanians acquisitions increase housing prices in Hungary

The acquisitions made by Romanians in Hungarian cities near the border with Romania prompted the rise in the housing units by some 40-50 percent over the past year, according to the Hungarian authorities. Last year, for instance, in Battonya town (with some 7,000 inhabitants) the two, threeroom houses were sold for 5,000-10,000 euros, now the cheapest house may be bought for 20,000 euros.
"It is important all the houses have all the necessary utilities. The prices now range between 20,000 euros for cheap houses and 60-70,000 euros. The prices went up 40-50 percent as against the same period of last year, said mayor of Battonya, Traian Cresta. According to Cresta, as many as 350 Romanians from different areas of the country, have so far bought houses in the locality.

An attractive area for the Romanians interested in real estate businesses are the localities situated near Oradea such as Artand, Biharkeresztes, Mezopeterd, Told or Bedo. At Biharkeresztes a house is sold for 10,000 euros with all the utilities, sewerage, natural gas and access to telephone and Internet.
Even in Budapest Romanians of the western border are buying houses cheaper than the ones with the same characteristics in Bucharest. One of the advantages of real estate transaction in Hungary is the fact that the presence of a lawyer is enough for the sale and the extremely high notary taxes from Romania can be avoided. The other procedures also are easier than in Romania.
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