Soft drinks bring over 20M to media market

The top five players on the soft drink market invested some 283 million euro rate cards (gross amounts, no deductions) in advertising in 2007, according to an AdRating report.
The net value of investments rises to some 20.7 million euros. Discounts are some 90 percent for TV, 50 percent for radio, and 50 percent for print press, according to Media Hub advisory company.
To consolidate its top position, Coca Cola increased its investments to 10.6 million euros in 2007, from 6.5 million a year before. The Company’s main competitor, Quadrant Amroq Beverages, invested 4.4 million euros, in 2007.
"Coca Cola adapts itself to new media, and let’s take the online component for Schweppes, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero or Sprite, to name just a few. This is why we doubled the Internet budget in 2007, but the initial investment is not huge. We will continue to explore opportunities the online communities offer and consolidate the relationship with our consumers,” said Bianca Bourbon, Marketing Manager of Adriatic and Balkans Business Unit of Coca-Cola Romania, quoted by Business Standard.

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