A new strategy for tourism

The tourism of the future must be decentralized and focused more on the customer, the Romanian tour operators believe.
The National Association of tourism Agencies (ANAT) suggests that Bucharest should promote cultural and weekend tourism, while the seaside should be full in extra-season also.
ANAT would like tourists to make often trips to Prahova Valley (southern Romania) during the week also.
The Romanian tourism will be reinvigorated through regional development, with focus on seaside, mountainous area and Bucharest.
"Bucharest is suffocated during week time, and tourists must be attracted here during weekdays and during periods of cultural and musical events. In the mountains, there are problems with infrastructure and weekend traffic and therefore we should bring tourists during week days, mainly foreigners," said ANAT President Dragos Atanasiu.
The Romanian resorts at the Black Sea will be promoted in extra season too, as the occupancy rate now is only 20-30%.

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