Asirom eying 7m-euro profit

Asirom, an insurance company held by Austrian group Vienna Insurance expects a gross profit worth 7 million euros this year, after having reported losses worth 9.5 million euros, said the company’s general manager Boris Schneider.
According to the figures of the Insurance Surveillance Commission, after the first quarter of this year, Asirom was the third player on the insurance market, with turnover worth 64.1 million euros, being outstripped by Allianz Tiriac and Omniasig.

Vienna Insurance Group also holds on the local market companies Omniasig, Omniasig Life, Unita and Agras and is to take over BCR Insurance (BCR – Romanian Commercial Bank) and BCR Life Insurance, the transaction being under the scrutiny of the authorities at present. Of these companies, only Omniasig reported a significant gross profit last year, worth 12 million euros, the other reporting losses or marginal profits.
Asirom, started on May 22 a campaign of rebranding for the modernization of its image, in which it invested about one million euros. The company’s logo was changed and the name became Asirom Vienna Insurance Group.
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