Audi could make cars in Romania

Along with Mercedes and Mitsubishi, Audi, the luxury division of German Volkswagen group, wants to make cars in Romania, said Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Trade and Tourism Ovidiu Silaghi.
He added that the three are examining several locations, in search of the best. Mercedes had eyed a plot of land in Oradea, western Romania, but did not find it good enough, because the underground water layer is too thin there. Then Mercedes officials thought of Timisoara, west.
Silaghi said Audi is in a first stage now, he could not offer details about locations.
As for Mitsubishi, sources from the auto market, quoted by daily Jurnalul National, said a few months ago that Mitsubishi could make cars on Aro Campulung platform, south, but PM Tariceanu said last week, in Campulung, that’s not true. Tariceanu told the members of a delegation from Mitsubishi that the car industry means a lot in today’s Romania, and authorities will continue to consider the development of this sector a priority, they think of cars, but also of subassemblies and components, Tariceanu also said.
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