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EC: Romania, first country having approved draft action for Lisbon Strategy implementation

It is extremely important to the European Commission that Romania is the first country to have approved a draft 2008 Action Plan, which is part of the 2008-2010 National Reform Plan, with respect to the implementation of the measures set in Lisbon Strategy, European Commissioner for Multilingualism Romanian Leonard Orban said after a meeting on May 22 with Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
"In the European Commission’s opinion, it is an extremely important thing the fact that Romania is the first country to have reacted after the decisions made at the European Council’s spring meeting. More precisely, Romania is the first country to have approved a draft Action Plan for 2008 with respect to the implementation of the measures set in the Lisbon Strategy (…) The fact that Romania is the first country to have answered the European Council’s request is an extremely important signal that the European Commission especially appreciates", Orban stressed.
The commissioner recalled some of the recommendations the EC made to Romania, targeting measures for the improvement of the public finance quality, of the quality of budget expenditure, measures to boost administrative capacity or moves to improve the business climate.
Prime Minister Tariceanu, in turn, explained that the May 23 debate on the National Reform Plan is aimed at making the planned measures and goals known to an as large as possible public.

He reiterated that stress will be laid on four priority goals, namely the increased investments in research, innovation and knowledge; the promotion of the investment potential, particularly the SMEs potential; flexibility of the labour market; efficient energy policy, that should take into account the climate changes.
The Romanian government will hold a special sitting on June 3 to approve the National Plan for the Achievement of the Lisbon Strategy’s Goals. The government approved on May 21 a memorandum related to drafting the 2008 National Plan for the Lisbon Agenda, as the European Commission, after the report sent by the Romanian authorities to it in last July, drafted five recommendations for the Romanian authorities.
The European Affairs Department, in line with the five recommendations, has drawn up 34 actions to be carried out this year so as to meet the Lisbon Agenda, with such measures to be publicly debated at a meeting on Friday to be attended by representatives for the political parties, trade unions, employers’ associations and public authorities.
Following the public debate, each ministry will draft the required measures, with the Government to debate and approve the 2008 National Plan for the Lisbon Agenda at its sitting on June 3.

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