Half of Romanians plan to buy a car until 2010

Some 50% of Romanians plan to buy a car in the following two years, against 30% of the Hungarians, 33% of the Germans, 37% of Polish and 39% of the Czechs, reads a study conducted over January-February 2008 by GE Money, the financial service division of General Electric company, in Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Hungary.
The composite sketch of the future car owner in Romania is the following: young, unmarried man with over-the-average income.
Half of Romanians said they would only buy a new car and 34% said they plan to buy the car from authorized dealers.
The top criteria considered by Romanians when buying a car are: the technical conditions (very important for 78% of the buyers), the fuel consumption (63%), the car’s age (57%), the price (52%) and the equipment (48%).
According to an GE Money official, the demand will continue to go up but, "when the market stabilizes and enters a maturity stage – in about two years – a development of the second-hand market will be noticed," like in the other countries included in the study.
In all five countries, the main financial source for buying a car is represented by savings. Next comes a loan for personal needs and then a special loan for cars from a bank. Some 39% of Romanians say it is advantageous to buy a car in leasing.
Some 33% of Romanians spend between 51 and 100 euros for the car per month. 53% spend more than two hours with its maintenance while the Germans allot less than 1 hour to this activity. 42% of Romanians and 43% of the Germans cannot imagine their lives without having a car.
Two families out of three have cars in Romania. Romania’s car park has doubled after 1989 reaching about 4.5 million cars at the end of 2007.

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