Inflation starts curbing

After significant growth in commodities’ prices and consumption services’ tariffs for eight months in a row, prices started going down in April, to 0.52%, stopping the rise in the annual inflation rate.
The annual inflation rate posted 8,62% in April, practically the same as in March, after a monthly inflation rate ranging between 0.64 and 1.08% over Aug 2007- March 2008, official statistics data say.
Starting this May, the annual inflation rate begins dropping, it is expected to get ever smaller by August and stand lower than 6% in late 2008, experts say.
The low farming production in 2007 (as a result of the protected drought), the rise in the prices of the foods and farming products on the foreign markets, the persistent turbulences on the international financial markets, the historic soaring oil prices worldwide and the inflation’s negative signals in the euro area have directly impacted on the inflation rate over August 2007 – April 2008.
Food prices grew 10.25%, service tariffs 8.74% and non-foods prices 4.62%, during this time span.
Several staples, such as bread, milk, cheese, vegetables or fruit, scored price higher than 10.25% over the past nine months.

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