Labour Minister: Over 4.15 million participants in mandatory pension system

More than 4.15 million persons are recorded in the register of participants in the second pensions pillar (mandatory schemes), Minister of Labor, Family and Equal Opportunities Paul Pacuraru said on May 19.
"There are 4.156 million insured in the register of participants in the second pillar scheme. Of these, 3.194 million are effectively covered, that is payments are already being made. We also have 961,000 empty accounts for persons who filed no income statement and hence collect no incomes," said Pacuraru.
The Minister mentioned that total transferred amounts payable as of May 20 into the accounts of administrators exceed 88.19 million lei (24.13 million euro), with an average monthly contribution of 7.55 euro per insured person.
The Minister said that at the end of March there were 5.54 million insured in the records of the National Pension Office, by 677,000 more than the estimated number that was used to build the budget.
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