Nestlé Romania expecting 20-30pc rise in 2008 business turnover on breakfast cereals and pet food

With a 2007 business turnover of 150 million euros, Nestlé Romania, the local subsidiary of Swiss Nestlé company, the world’s largest food company, is counting on breakfast cereals and pet food to increase its 2008 turnover by 20-30%.
According to Nestlé Romania Director General Paul Nuber, the company’s expectations are pinned on Romania being the second largest importer of products put out by the Nestlé factory in Poland. The company started business in Romania in 1995 and it is now operating a wafer factory in the western city of Timisoara.
Nuber told national daily Business Standard that Nestlé Romania is in an excellent state, with very positive results, despite some minor problems. In Romania, says Nuber, Nestlé is deriving 0.24% of its sales revenues; although this is more than it was three years ago, it is still small, he adds.
Nestlé Romania has 600 employees: 350 at the wafer factory in Timisoara and 250 at its main establishment in Bucharest. Its portfolio includes coffee, hot drinks, chocolate bars, powder soup, mustard, baby and infant food, pet food, ice cream.

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