One third of voluntary pension clients are aged above 45

One third of contributors to a voluntary pensions fund (3rd pillar) are aged above 45, according to an annual report of the Private Pensions Supervisory Commission (CSSPP).
Almost half of the clients to these funds (49%) are aged between 30 and 44, while 16 to 29 year-olds account for 20% of the overall clients.
In all, voluntary pension funds have over 82,000 participants and around 29.2 million RON (over 8 million euros) in assets, according to end-of-April data from the Commission. According to the legislation in force, in order to join a voluntary pension fund, a client has to make at least 90 monthly contributions, not necessarily consecutive ones, and must be at least 60, when they start to collect the due sums and have a minimum amount collected.
"If any of these conditions is not fulfilled, the voluntary pension account is liquidated via one single payment made to the client or the beneficiary, or to the legal inheritor, as the case may be," the CSSPP report specifies.

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