Over 900,000 Romanians to spend their holidays abroad

According to estimates from the National Agency of Tourism Agencies (ANAT), around 910,000 Romanians will spend this year their holidays abroad, up 30% more than last year. The countries in highest demand are Greece and Bulgaria.
ANAT counts on an increase in the interest for Turkey, they expect 156,000 tourists will choose this country, compared with 75,000 last year.

With Greece, Bulgaria or Turkey easy to reach by car or bus, Romanian tourists are not likely to opt for travelling by plane. Charter planes are preferred instead for other destinations.
ANAT estimates a 15% rise in the number of visitors of Romanian Black Sea shore resorts (south-east), to 1,380,000 visitors. ANAT announced a rise in the number of foreign tourists who are opting for Black Sea resorts. 20,000 of them are German, 10,000 French, 10,000 Russian and from other ex-Soviet states. 120,000 foreign tourists will come this year to Romania, ANAT data say.
The hotels in the Black Sea resorts were opened earlier than in other years, but many of them will start activity only in June. Cheap variants are less popular than in other years, a rise in demand could be noticed for three and four-star hotels, to the detriment of two-star ones. 80% of tourists are choosing the offers of agencies, the rest go to the seaside with no reservation, in weekend. Operators believe more all-inclusive accommodation units are necessary, they have been in favour in many countries.
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