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President Traian Basescu: Achievement of Lisbon Strategys objectives means successful EU integration

Achieving Lisbon Strategy’s objectives means Romania’s real and successful integration into the European Union, President Traian Basescu said on May 23 during the seminar on the opportunities the Lisbon Strategy offers.
Old weaknesses dating back to the pre-accession time have been perpetuated in Romania in terms of setting the goals resulting from the Lisbon Agenda, but Romania cannot be accused of not observing the joint goals of the EU member states, Romania’s President said.
"In Romania, many politicians fail knowing or understanding the Lisbon Strategy’s objectives and means. This is still an issue for the connoisseurs, especially those who work or have to do with the EU Commission. Romania’s citizens still know too little about the Lisbon Strategy," President Basescu said.
An important condition to be successful is to use efficiently the EU funds Romania is granted, President Basescu stressed.
"Romania’s next major target is to adopt the euro currency. We must explicitly assume the year 2014. But this is a realistic target only if we show political responsibility in managing the public expenditures and implement coherent multiannual budget planning and execution", Romania’s President pointed out.
"When it comes to the Lisbon Strategy, we need clearer and simpler laws, and a red-tape no longer suffocating us, and we have to talk about what to do that our politicians and public servants be more competent and honest," Basescu stressed.
In his opinion Romania needs to strengthen the level of assuming the objectives and the measures specific to the Lisbon Strategy, the level of the citizens and mainly the political and the administrative ones.
"Related to this aspect I’d like to mention two problems the Romanian politicians and the public administration have to solve. First is that we have to improve rapidly the system of formulating, harmonizing and implementing the public policies. To this respect, we need more public consultations. The second problem is at what level we plan to benefit from the experience of the other EU member states and the EU Commission’s support," President Basescu said.
He further stressed there were some deficiencies as well.
"Several imbalances in the field of macro stability have deepened. We have been warned about the risk of an excessive budget deficit. We even notice that old weak points dating back in Romania’s EU pre-accession time, perpetuate. First of all we still set up insufficiently ambitious goals as compared to the existing potential, the poor administrative capacity and the insufficient labour market", President Basescu said, adding that one of Romania’s big structural problems is the fact that the agriculture supplies 10% of the GDP and only 30% of the active population work here.
In his opinion it is required a "huge and coherent" effort in education, the infrastructure works and the village urbanization, all integrated in a coherent concept of polycentric development and to boost investments in the farming areas.
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