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Romanians to be able to buy Google shares through BVB

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) intends to launch in the next period a new market system, where investors will be able to buy shares of the foreign companies directly from Romania.
The Multi Trading Facility (MTF) market is a non-regulated market, where the reporting conditions of the companies are not as strict as those on the regulated markets, say BVB representatives.
Through the launch of this system, the Romanian investors will be able to buy, through BVB, shares listed on the foreign markets, such as Google.
"This is a market system that can be operated by a stock market or an investment bank. The difference between this and a regulated market consists in transparency, in the context in which this system is not so strict", said the president and CEO of BVB, Stere Farmache.

The current law on the capital market stipulates a series of fees for the trading of the shares of the companies listed abroad. If the BVB intention materializes, the new market will eliminate part of these costs.
"Brokers will be able to trade share of the companies listed on other markets directly from Romania", said Farmache, who added this system could become a threat for the stock markets.
The president and CEO of BVB informed the shares of the companies that do not meet the necessary conditions for listing on a regulated market can be traded on MTF.
BVB has taken all the necessary steps for the launch of this system, and now is expecting the National Security Commission (CNVM). The strong point of this market is the fact the fees are lower, added Stere Farmache.
Moreover, starting H2, the system of absentee sale will be implemented, and all the issuers on BVB will benefit from global accounts, the BVB officials also announced on May 20.

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