Spidla: Romanians enjoys the same freedom of movement as other EU citizens

Romanians enjoy the same freedom of circulations as the other EU citizens, and the European Commission will make sure that their rights are observed, said on May 20 in Strasbourg the European commissioner for employment, social affairs and equal opportunities Vladimir Spidla.
The European official referred to Roma ethnics situation, some of them with Romanian citizenship, in Italy, where numerous acts of violence occurred over the past weeks against Roma population, and asked the Italian authorities to act only within the limits of European norms when adopting measures against illegal migration.
Spidla stressed at the same time the need to unite the efforts of member states for Roma’s social inclusion.
Spidla criticized any form of violence against Roma and rejected the assimilation of the Roma ethnics with criminals. "The violence coming from race reasons bursting out of populism, out of speeches full of hatred and media campaigns can be observed in many of the member states," said the EC representative. According to him, any decision concerning the emergency expulsion must be accompanied by clear justifications.

The European Socialists asked on May 19 in Strasbourg a declaration from the European Commission on Roma ethnics situation in Europe, after the recent acts of violence in Italy involving Roma ethnics.
The situation of Roma ethnics in Italy determined the Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini to demand the revision of Schengen Agreement. Frattini, European commissioner for justice, freedom and security for three years, suggested the inclusion on the agenda of European Commission this autumn a report on Schengen Agreement situation.
The Italian official said that Italy does not want to change all the rules, the intentions of Roma authorities being within the limits of European norms. He also appreciated as timely to ask the states outside Schengen area to register fingerprints, a measure already applied by Washington to European citizens when entering the US territory.
The European Commission said last week that it does not plan an analysis or initiative to modify the Schengen norms.
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