Transparency International Romania opens website

Transparency International Romania and the Audit Authority of Romania on May 19 opened the website for people interested in finding out about how Romania understands to capitalise on its financial rights conferred to it by virtue of European Union membership.
According to a press release, the site is a central communication platform for the members of the national NGO network that monitor the unfolding of contracts involving European funds, where information is posted about how to get, use and manage the European grants.
By accessing the address, information will become available about structural post-accession funds for economic and social cohesion; European regulations concerning the contracting and spending of structural funds; the national legal framework in this area; multiannual plans on the utilisation of post-accession funds; techniques for the monitoring of contracts involving European funds; good practice models from other EU member states; the competent Romanian authorities and how to contact them; the NGOs making up the national monitoring network and how to become a member.
The website is part of a project for the establishment of a national NGO network in view of monitoring the integrity of using post-accession structural funds in Romania, carried out by Transparency International Romania jointly with the Audit Authority of Romania and civil society organisations that are members of the monitoring network. This EU-sponsored project is funded under the 2005 PHARE Programme for the consolidation of democracy in Romania.

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