Wienerberger, 25 mln euros investments in a Cluj factory

Wienerberger, biggest brick producer worldwide, invested 25 million euros in the construction of a factory in Tritenii de Jos, Cluj County (Romania’s center).
Cluj-based unit is to be the largest of the three factories held by Wienerberger in Romania, with a capacity of 150 million bricks per year.
Cluj County factory operates at present at a capacity of approximately 90%, going to attain the maximum capacity till this year-end. Winerberger factory, raised on a 9-hectare plot of land, now in the producer’s property, employs just 59 workers, the unit being completely automated.
Wienerberger, the biggest brick producer in the world, has budgeted, on the medium term, investments of approximately 100 million euros for Romania, the funds being earmarked for the construction of new production units and eventual acquisitions of some domestic players.

Up to 2012, the group plans to allocate funds for the construction of 25 new brick factories, of which eight in Russia, the remainder of the investment programme being aimed at Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and South-East Europe, according to information provided by Wienerberger representatives.
Business on the Romanian market accounted last year for 2% of the group’s revenues, a similar weight being recorded in 2006, as well. Wienerberger Sisteme de Caramizi reported last year a turnover of some 61 million euros, a surge of 27% from 2006.
Wienerberger entered the market in Romania in 1998 and has three brick factories: in Gura Ocnitei, close to Targoviste (south), Sibiu (center) and Tritenii de Jos, Cluj County.
The Romanian brick market stood last year at approximately 200 million euros, and for this year a jump of some 15% is estimated, up to 240-250 million euros.
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