CNP projections: Industrial production up 6.1 pct in Q2

Industrial production might grow 6.1 pct in Q2 against the similar period of 2007, reveal provisional surveys conducted by the National Forecast Commission (CNP) on a sample of companies representative for all county counties and all industrial activities.
Industrial production advanced 5.4 pct in Q1 of the current year in comparison with the similar period of 2007. According to the previous provisional survey, the estimated growth was 4.5 pct.
This dynamic evolution was mainly the result of an important advance in industrial production, past the level expected by the interviewed company representatives, in several industrial branches such as: other resource extraction activities (25.1 pct), radio, TV and communications equipment (16.6 pct), transportation means other than road transportation facilities (16.1 pct), wood and wood products processing (9.7 pct), product manufacturing of non-metal minerals (6.9 pct), or of a less steeper than estimated decrease in the case of clothing (1.1 pct), leather products and footwear (5.6 pct).

These evolutions show a rising adjustment of trading companies to demand, but also the comeback to a positive trend like in the case of ready-mades, leather products and footwear.
Production was noticeable upbeat in Q1, 2008 compared to the similar period of 2007 for capital goods (16.1 pct), staple goods (7.4 pct), and consumables (5.7 pct).
In the first half of the year industrial production is expected to raise by some 5.8 pct. 
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