Romania to receive EU funds of 2.6bn euro in 2008

Romania will receive EU funds of 2.6bn euro in 2008, on Monday the state secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Finance /MEF/ Eugen Teodorovici told a press conference.
'The funds represent sums coming from PHARE projects, which amount to 330 million euro, those for ISPA projects, worth 320 million euro, and SAPARD, worth 270 million euro. The difference to 2.6 billion euro represents money allocated through structural funds and sums given for agriculture', Eugen Teodorovici said. By 15 June 2008, 1,287 projects of 15.065bn RON for the 7 operational programmes were submitted. Out of these 281, with a value of over 9bn RON, were approved. Out of this sum, 6.8bn RON represents non-repayable funds from the EU, said the state secretary.
'By 15 June, 23 financing contracts of some 204 million euro were signed with the beneficiaries, out of which the EU funds represent some 180 million euro', he added.

Submitted within the Regional Operational Programme were 376 projects worth over 6.37bn RON and 166 projects of 5.46bn RON were approved.
For the Sectoral Operational programme (SOP) Transport, it is estimated that in H2 2008 tree major projects will be financed, which will be co-financed by international financial institutions.
As to SOP Increase in Economic Competitiveness, 569 projects of 2.78 bn RON were submitted for investments in SMEs.
Submitted for SOP Development of Human Resources were 276 projects of 2,43bn RON out of which 107 projects of 1,23bn were okayed.
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