146 companies require financing for consultancy

As many as 146 companies have submitted projects so far for getting financing for investment in consultancy, given under programs run through the Ministry for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Trade, Tourism and Liberal Trades, according to data published by the ministry.
The programme of support for consultancy for SMEs has a budget of 60 million euros for 2007-2013, of which 49.64 million euros is non-returnable European financing undr the European Fund for Regional Development and 10.35 million euros are funds from the state budget.
The funds given for consultancy can cover 70% of the value of a project, and the firm who requires funding has to give money for the remaining 30%.
The non-returnable funds for small and medium-sized companies wanting to un consultancy programmes stand at 11.34 million euros in 2008, say information in the Guidebook for companies requiring European funds.
From the sum allotted for consultancy to SMEs, the European contribution stands at 9.36 million euros, and the national one at 1.98 million euros.

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