Basescu: Romania will make appeal to trans-Atlantic solidarity in dealing with Caucasian region

Romania's President Traian Basescu said on Monday, before leaving for Brussels, where he will attend the extraordinary session of the European Council devoted to Georgia, that, on this occasion, Romania would give out a document, which is not a public one and which will present an analysis of the situation in the region of the Caucasus and of the developments in the area, following the tour he made to Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

'Our analysis cannot strictly confine itself to Georgia,' said Traian Basescu, who also informed of a number of proposals Romania will make during this summit.
According to the Head of State, Romania will make an appeal to trans-Atlantic solidarity in dealing with the Caucasian region. We shall support what we traditionally support, namely that the solution of the frozen conflicts can only be made within the limits of the national law, added President Basescu, who mentioned that Romania also proposed submitting all the frozen conflicts to the attention of the UN Security Council and would plead for the growth of the NATO role in the Black Sea region.

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