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CCIB sets up section for tourism

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB) has set up a section for tourism, reads a CCIB release.
The main lines of the section’s activity are resolving some problems related to the EU legislation in the field of tourism, continual training of the specialists in hospitality industry, drawing structural funds for this sector, and the promotion of Bucharest’s tourist potential.
Recently, CCIB hosted the Extraordinary General Assembly of Representatives, an event that marked the finalization of the merger between the chamber organization and he organization with the same name. The event was preceded by the extraordinary general assemblies of the Chamber’s sections – Collective Members, Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism.
Participating in the Extraordinary General Assemblies were representatives of over 630 Bucharest firms, 90% of the total members, designated through secret vote by the members of the five sections.

The managing team of CCIB, voted by the general assembly, is made up of Sorin Dimitriu (Lazar Group Comex SRL) – president, Nicolae Vasile (ICPE SA) – deputy president, Ioan Badea (Badea&Partners SRL) – deputy president, Florin Antonescu (Doosan IMGB) – deputy president, Ion Antonio Tache (Geoasset SRL) – deputy president.
Sorin Dimitriu is PhD professor at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and chairman of the Board of the Elie Carafoli National Institute of Aerospace Researches.
The section presidents, elected by the sections’ members by secret voting, are Mircea Dan Farcas (Ato Em SRL) – president of Services Section, Valentin Militaru (Grivco SA) – president of Industry section, Mihai Andritoiu (AMC Development SRL) – president of Commerce Section, Viorel Badea (Lions Club Bucuresti Mondial Association) – president of Collective Members Section, and George Sorin Nicolescu (Olimpic International Turism) – president of Tourism Section.
A priority action direction for CCIB is capitalizing on the expertise in promoting projects financed with EU funds and active involvement in the process of absorbing EU funds, especially to programmes of research-development and technologic transfer, regarding the promotion of the renewable energy resources, and environment technologies.

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