EU assigns money to promote Romanian wines

The European Union backs the Romanian exporters in their efforts to promote the domestic kinds of wine in other countries by assigning funds ranging from 425,000 euros to 600,000 euros a year, shows the relevant national support program.
Romania plans to add some 30% to the EU funding in order to reach its goal of 4% annual rise in exports compared to 2008 on the wines with controlled name origin and protected geographical indication.
The eligible activities include the participation in fairs and exhibitions, pubic relations and advertising, information campaigns, tasting and surveys of the new markets. The amount given as support will not be higher than 50% of the expenditure; the beneficiaries can be both private producers and professional or inter-professional organizations.

"The Agriculture Ministry, in some two-three weeks will work out an order to include all the steps that a producer should follow in order to get the money to promote his products. Romania has long ago ceased to be a brand in the world wine market and it is very important that we make ourselves known", executive director of the Vine and Wine National Employers’ Association, Ovidiu Gheorghe told the Business Standard daily on August 18.
The producers can get EU money for producing wine with a higher alcohol percentage, with such aid amounting to 150,000-170,000 euros a year; they can also get money to insure the crops, with the amount allotted being 3.5 million euros next year and 5.1 million euros in 2013.
During 2009-2013 Romania will receive EU funds totaling 210.5 million euros, with the largest part of the money to be used for the re-conversion and restructuring of plantations, with 36-37 million euros being assigned on an annual basis.
The Romanian wine market totaled 450 million euros last year; the producers expect the market to grow by 15% this year.

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