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Eurostat: Romania, sixth in EU in terms of commercial deficit

Romania recorded a commercial deficit of 8.8 billion euros over the period January – May 2008, ranking sixth in the European Union (EU27), according to the data published on August 18 by the Eurostat – Statistical Office of the European Commission.
In the first five months of 2007, Romania’s commercial deficit stood at 7.9 billion euros.
Exports grew by 17%, from 11.7 billion euros in the first five months of 2007 to 13.7 billion euros in the first five months of this year and imports advanced by 14%, from 19.6 billion euros, over January-May 2007, to 22.5 billion euros over January-May 2008.

The EU states with the highest commercial deficit in the first five months of the year are Great Britain (50.1 billion dollars), Spain (41.6 billion dollars), France (25.6 billion dollars) and Greece (14.8 billion dollars). The highest commercial surplus was posted by Germany (83.3 billion euros), The Netherlands (18.3 billion euros) and Ireland (10.7 billion euros).
The euro zone states recorded a commercial deficit of 0.1 billion dollars in June, down compared to the deficit of 3.9 billion dollars in May. At the EU level the commercial deficit stood at 20.1 billion euros in June 2008, a decline compared to 21.3 billion euros in the previous month.
Over January-May 2008, energy imports of the EU15 states surged 39%, to 155 billion euros as against the similar period in 2007.

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