First 50 farming works manage plots of farmland worth 1bln euros

Businessmen such as Culita Tarata, Adrian Porumboiu, Mihai Anghel, Ioan Niculae, Stefan Poienaru along with foreign companies own the most agricultural exploitations, says the classification of the first 50 farming exploitations that the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture (APIA) supplies. They hold and exploit land that is worth almost 1 billion euros, given the land’s price have been soaring over the latest years.
The biggest players of the farming sector exploit almost 430,000 ha, namely about 4% of Romania’s total 9.4 million ha cropland.
The top ten farmers, who own croplands larger than 10,000 ha each asked APIA subsidies for 200,000 ha, last year. The other 40 top farmers, which hold between 10,000 and 4,000 ha each till the remainder 250,000 ha. The high price of up to 2,000 euros, which 1 ha cropland is traded at, makes the land that the biggest 50 landowners hold, to be worth almost 1 billion euros, but it must also be taken into account the analysts’ assessments that are to raise the cropland’s prices up to 6,000 euros for 1 ha, during the coming three years.
The biggest companies owning large croplands are located in Timis County (west), most of them having foreign capital. Thus, Italian, Portuguese or German companies dominate Timis County.
Nevertheless, the biggest farmer is Culita Tarata who heads TCE 3 Brazi Company and who asked subsidies for 55,627 ha cropland in 2007. Tarata’s Company cultivates over 20,000 ha in wheat, 16,000 ha in rape, 12,000 ha in sun-flower, 8,000 ha in maize and 6,000 in barley, in the Big Island of Braila (east) and he expects a turnover worth 65.3 million euros this year, by 30% more than a year before.
Only three thirds of the total 9.4 million ha are granted EU subsidies, and the rest of over 2.5 million ha represent the subsistence agriculture. Specialists say that things will change in terms of cropland management, in the future, which is to lead to the joining of land plots.

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