Korodi: Romania may spurn waste coming from other EU states until 2015

Romania cannot allow to be burdened with the waste of other states and may spurn their waste, even if they are EU states, until 2015, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Attila Korodi told.
The statement made by the Romanian official occurred following the statements made by the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Chavdar Georgiev, according to whom, Romania is one of the countries in which the waste might be sent by Sofia.
In this respect, the Romanian minister of environment pointed out that the same decision was taken as regards Italy, at mid-2007, when Italian governmental officials came to Romania to negotiate the storage of waste coming from the south of the country. "At present I do not know of any document that came from Bulgaria, but, of course, if it comes, we’ll explain he Bulgarian side our decision. When we’ll be officially connected we will tell them clearly that Rmania cannot do this and they have to understand why: because we have to manage our own wast, we have to rebuild the entire Romanian system and by then we cannot receive waste from other countries," said Minister Attila Korodi.
The Romanian Environment Minister Attila Korodi stressed that according to the negotiations held with the European Union, Romania can refuse by 2015 the storage of waste coming from other countries.
"The accession treaty allows us to do this – as probably allows Bulgaria, too, but I do not know this for sure. We can spurn to receive waste coming from until 2015," said Korodi.
Romania has to enforce until 2017 an integrated system for waste management and this will solve the issues such as the building of storages in line with facilities sufficient for the quantity of waste produced by Romanian inhabitants. Romania has two deadlines of alignment as regards the import of waste: 2015 for waste destined for storage and incineration and 2011 for the capitalization of waste under any form.
According to the legislation, any import of waste is authorized by the National Agency of Environmental Protection (ANPM) based on a notification by the state which wants to make such operation.
According to News.bg, the Bulgarian Deputy Environmental Minister, Chavdar Georgiev, said that Romania might be one of the destinations for the waste collected in the  Bulgarian capital, Sofia. According to the Bulgarian official, this will be the last option to which the government might resort to provided all the other options are exhausted.
At present, the Bulgarian authorities allow for 27 waste heaps where to carry the waste from Sofia, said Georgiev. The Bulgarian official, did not say, however, which of these has the real capacity to receive the huge amount of waste from the Bulgarian capital.

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