New tourist port to be set up in Tulcea

Aeronautica Motors Bucharest Co. will build a new tourist port close to the town of Tulcea (eastern Romania, in the area of the Danube Delta), with the works to be comleted in two years.
The project of Marina port was put out for auction by the Maritime Sea Port Administration (APDM) of Galati almost two years ago. The APDM has recently announced the Bucharest company that it won the auction.
The tourist port is aimed at boosting tourism in the area, as it will be built on the Danube’s right shore, at the sea mile 37-38.
Aeronautica Motors has to make from its own funds the entire port infrastructure with a capacity of at least 75 ships, as well as commercial areas, offices, accommodation rooms and fuel stations.
The investment estimated at 6,435,842 euros has to be completed in the following two years.
Aeuronautica Motors will recover its money within the next 30 years, period in which it will take out the port’s lease.
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