PM Tariceanu: Govt does not settle natural gas price

The Government is not the one establishing the natural gas price. Nevertheless, a price raise in the natural gas price might be seen on the domestic market in the case the price on the foreign markets will be pushed up again, Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on August 19.
"Usually, the natural gas price on the domestic market follows with a certain delay the international oil price. I cannot forecast you anything, although I think a raise in the international oil price might probably increase the natural gas price too. I want you to understand that the government is not the one to give the price," Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said.
In the latest weeks, the oil price stood around 11 dollars per barrel, with the value in July having stood at around 150 dollars per barrel.
The regulated prices of the natural gas increased on July 1, by an average 12.5%.

Currently, the regulated price of the natural gas to the households stands at 104,41 lei per MWh in the case of E.ON Gaz Romania and 104.70 lei per MWh in the case of SC Distrigaz Sud SA Bucuresti.
The decision to adjust the prices was taken as following the increase of the costs with the acquisition of the natural gas in the interval between January and June 2008, as well as due to the partial recovery of the differences in terms of price recorded in the same interval.
Distributors were displeased by the growth on July 1, and announced back then they will be forced to operate another growth on October 1 too, with the July 1 increase having been insufficient to cover the import costs till the end of the year. According to E.ON Gaz the growth by 11.6% in the natural gas price operated by the National Regulatory Authority in the Field of Energy (ANRE) in July prevents the company from ensuring the deliveries of natural gas to households.
Representatives of Distrigaz Sud too showed that the increase in the tariff established by the National Regulatory Authority in the Field of Energy covers only in part the costs, with the representatives of the distributor to prepare thus all the necessary elements for ANRE to approve a new increase in the gas price in October.

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