Press review (Sept 1)

PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu favouring a head of state with a decorative role, the difficulty political parties are facing in their search of a strong candidate for prime minister, the death of a Romania troop in Afghanistan, a statement of the head of Government about the economy, the crisis of the teaching staff, the results of the 2008 summer in Romanian Black Sea resorts, these are some of the most important topics which grab the lines on Monday.
'Tariceanu wants a symbolical head of state, ' writes daily Romanian Libera. The article says that PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu 'wants a head of state with a decorative role, he speaks up for a parliamentary republic or a monarchy, and not for a move towards a presidential republic, characteristic of the countries in the area of the Caucasus. Tariceanu said that 'after the elections, an in-depth and serious debate will have to be generated in Romania on the political model we will take. Do we want to head towards the real European model, or towards an eastern one, with a strong, discretionary leader, where there are frequent slippages and personal dictatorship follows ?' Tariceanu stressed that a stable and balanced institutional and constitutional architecture is needed, after what he calls the 'distancing' from the existing constitutional framework.
Quoted by the daily, leader of the opposition Liberal-Democratic Party (PD-L) Emil Boc is of the opinion that the current political regime should be re-discussed. 'We have had an institutional and constitutional conflict between the legitimacy of the head of state, elected by the direct vote of people, and the powers of the prime minister, the product of a political compromise and who has had more powers than the president, ' said Emil Boc, adding that such a situation could be solved by a referendum organized at the same time with the Euro-parliamentary elections.
In an article headlined 'Party with good prospects. Searching for a prime minister,' daily Evenimentul Zilei writes that the 'distance in time between the presidential and the parliamentary elections has put a problem to the parties in Romania: they badly need an engine to bring them votes. ' The publication adds that Ion Iliescu no longer runs for a seat in Parliament (from the Social Democratic Party, PSD, in opposition), President Traian Basescu keeps a suspect distance from the party he has come from (the Democratic-Liberal Party, PD-L, in opposition), and the ruling National Liberal Party (PNL) has never had a strong leader. ' So, the only solution to draw votes is to have a strong candidate for prime minister.'
The eighth Romanian dead in Afghanistan, ' says Evenimentul Zilei. ' A troop was killed, and four more were wounded on Sunday, in Afghanistan, adding to a black list of deaths in the conflicts in the East. The sergeant killed on Sunday 'is the eighth Romanian killed on the Afghan front in the six years since Romania has sent troops to this country and the third since the beginning of 2008. Twenty-eight more were wounded. The latest troop had been killed in Afghanistan on June 13,' writes the daily.
'Prime minister: Romanian in the field differs from that seen from an office, ' is the headline of an interview given by PM Tariceanu to the Ziarul Financiar economic daily. Tariceanu says Romania's economy is not in danger of 'tough landing', the Romanian investors continue to be attracted by the local business climate, even though there has been a climb in salaries which can look spectacular at first sight. According to him, Romania's Central Bank (BNR) could have postponed the decision to toughen crediting conditions, but it can any time relax the constraints.
In an article on 'Teaching staff crisis,' Romanian Libera writes that 'the still low salaries and the high stress have made many graduates of higher schools avoid to work in the system of tuition. They look for a job out of this system, with private companies offering them higher salaries.'
'Poor results in the Black Sea resorts, ' headlines Romanian Libera. This summer season has been poorer than that of last year, with escalation of violence adding to poor quality services and huge prices.

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