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Romania to be more active in Brussels under new DAE leadership

At the same time with the appointment at the helm of the Department for European Affairs (DAE) of Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea – former Chief negotiator of Romania with the European Union – the institution enters a new phase of its activity, for which it is getting ready for a long time already, announced Adrian Ciocanea who, on August 19, has left DAE leadership.
"We are to adopt a more active mechanism of coordination of Romania’s positions. It will mean a change from conformity to convergence", explained for EurActiv the former State secretary for European Affairs.
He also pointed out that from the simple harmonization of the Romanian legislation with the EU rules, which had been already adopted at our accession moment, DAE will pass to the presentation of Romania’s positions within the debates in Brussels on topics such as the EU energy and environment policies, policies linked to the genetically modified organisms or car emissions.

Romania’s positions will be defined on the basis of consultations with experts, the forming of the expert groups going to a prerogative of the European Institute in Romania, DAE subordinated.
Adrian Ciocanea has become on August 13 National Liberal Party (PNL, at rule) deputy, replacing Ion Gontea who represented the Brasov constituency and resigned, following consultations with Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu. Ciocanea also said that he chose this road at a moment in which, by leaving this position, he does not put in danger the institutional construction at DAE, under conditions in which the Premier asked him not to candidate for the European Parliament in 2007, so that he can continue the activities started at the Department.
Ciocanea has in view his candidacy for a deputy position during this autumn elections. "I am again part of the team in charge with outlining the ruling program and I also have the option to candidate again for Brasov constituency", said the former DAE head.

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