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Volume of wind power plants can reach 2000 MW until 2013

The maximal electricity capacity produced in wind power plants, which can be integrated by Transelectrica energy transport company into the national grid until 2013, is of 2,000 megawatts (MW) installed power, said on August 20 general manager of Transelectrica, Stelian Gal in a news conference.
"At present, the volume of commissioned wind power plants is insignificant of 7MW alone, considering the volume of requests for installation exceeds 12,000 MW installed power and the peak consumption of 2007 was of some 9,5000 MW," said Gal.
In the long run, until 2020, Transelectrica can integrate into the national grid some 3,000 MW.
General manager of Transelectrica pointed out that at present the most significant project in this field is the installation of a wind power plant of some 600 MW in the first stage pending an expansion to over 2000 MW. The location of the power plant is in Dobrogea (eastern Romania) and the plant is made by Tomis Team. The power plant triggers the achievement of a new station by Transelectrica of 400 MW.

The necessary investments for the installation of one megawatt in a wind power plant are appraised at about one million euros.
"We are estimating that the first wind generators in this area will be operational in the summer of 2009," said the general manager of Transelectrica.
Transelectrica’s general manager stressed that the integration of the wind power will impose a range of organizational changes.
"The establishment of intra-day electricity markets, if possible 6 hours or less for the accuracy of the forecast of wind intensity or the setting-up of wind dispatchers is just one part of these changes," said Gal.
Transelectrica general manager, Stelian Gal, emphasized that as regards the regulation framework of the sector, it should base on the principle of stability, predictability and profitableness with a view to promoting the development of this type of electricity.

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