CNP: Romania’s industrial turnover to advance 13.3pc in Q3

Romania's industrial turnover is expected to advance 13.3% in Q3 2008, year on year, according to projections in a Q3 2008 trend survey conducted and released by the National Economic Projection Board (CNP).
The industrial output in the first nine months of 2008 is expected to be 8.6% over Q3, 2007.
The CNP survey indicates a predicted reinvigoration of the industrial branches that recorded negative trends in the first six months of 2008, such as the means of transportation other than road transportation (5.1%); the clothing industry (1.2%), and the food and beverage industry (0.8%).
Industrial turnout in the second quarter of 20908 was 11.8% over the Q2, 2007 figures.
For the entire first half year 2008, the rise was 6.3%, larger than the 5.6% initially projected. There were many industrial branches having under-performed the initial projections, but the final figures outperformed the initial projections: radio, television and communications equipment (40.8%); electricity, heat, gas and water generation, transmission, distribution and supply (30.8%); road means of transportation (26.1%); other mining activities (23.1%); rubber and plastics (20.5%); equipment and machinery (18.3%); manufacturing of construction materials and other non-metallic minerals (17.6%).
The industrial turnover distributed on the domestic market advanced 11.8% in Q2, 2008, from Q2, 2007, which was better than the initial projection of 9.1%. In half-year terms, the domestic industrial turnover was 4.6% eventually, compared with CNP initial estimates of just 3.2%.
Considering business operators' estimates against the circumstances of the time under consideration, the domestic industrial turnover should go up 11.9% in Q3, 2008, from Q3, 2007.
Q2, 2008 industrial turnover designed for exportation was 11.8% up on Q2, 2007 figures, slightly below the 12.2% initial estimates of business operators.
In half-year terms, the increase was 10.4%.

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