FMCG marketing managers earn up to 14,000 euros per month

The gross salary of a marketing manager at a multinational company in the consumer goods industry with more than 1,000 employees can reach as much as 9,000 euros per month, but the entire salary package, however, which includes bonuses and benefits is 14,000 euros per month in gross amount, the Ziarul financiar reads on Aug. 25 citing data supplied by the Total Remuneration Survey conducted by HR consultancy firm Mercer.
A marketing manager earns 7,000 euros in gross amount per month, but the major multinationals in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are more generous with the salaries for marketing executives. "The development of consumer spending in Romania has led to very high salary levels for marketing managers in the FMCG business, salary levels that take into account the complexity of positions, competition on the market and the trend of the turnover of the companies in the consumer goods industry," the daily reads on, quoting Oana Datki Botolan, country manager of Consulteam, Mercer's partner on the domestic market as saying.
Those who earn 14,000 euros per month are marketing managers with a 6 or 7 years' experience in such positions, that have an executive role, report directly to the CEO and implement and create the entire marketing structure of the company.
Besides bonuses, which may reach 3,400 euros in gross amount per month, the package of a marketing manager also includes such non-salary perks as a phone, a laptop and a car, medical insurance and medical subscription, whose monthly value stands at 1,600 euros.
The FMCG consumer goods market could go up by more than 15% this year compared with 2007 maintaining the growth rate registered in the previous period, according to the estimates market research company GfK made early in 2008. The market, put at 10 to 15 billion euros, has maintained its upward trend, because of consumer spending growth. The most developed segments of the FMCG sector are foods and beverages, markets dominated by multinationals like Coca-Cola Hellenic, Pepsi Americas, Kraft Foods and Nestle. Tobacco and cosmetics markets are also dominated by multinationals, the Ziarul financiar says on.
"The key top management positions vary according to the industry. Whereas marketing and sales positions are essential to FMCG, the most important positions in the financial-banking industry are those of chief operating officers and chief financial officers," Botolan explains.
In comparison, the CEO of a major multinational earns 7,400 to 12,000 euros in gross amount per month, plus the added compensation and benefits package that may drive the income up 40% to almost 17,000 euros in gross amount per month.
As a result, the salary of a CEO is 25% higher than a marketing manager's, while the salary package difference stands at 21%.
"Salary gaps at the top management level are very wide and they narrow down the ladder," Botolan added.
Top management salaries rose by 10 to 20% compared with last year, although they had been forecast to slow down or even stagnate, the Ziarul financiar concluded.

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