Growth of food industry shrinks

The production of the food industry will go up 5.8% and by 5.5% in 2009, above the total industrial production pace, however the pace will be lower compared to the one registered over the past two years, according to information provided by the National Commission for Economic Projection (CNP). In 2006 and 2007 the food industry grew 15.9% and 9.2% respectively.
For this year the National Commission for Economic Projection estimates that the industrial production will go up in total by 5.2% and for 2009 by 5.1%. The CNP estimation was based on factors such as the growth of the internal contribution of agricultural raw materials, allowing for a normal agricultural production and the continuation of the strengthening process of the domestic market through the emergence of strong foreign companies, in the sector of meat processing, beer, edible oil and milk processing.
The same body stakes on the maintenance of the upward evolution of the production of milk and dairy products, beer and soft beverages, or on the re-launch of the production of fruit and vegetable cans or natural juice cans National Commission for Economic Projection stakes also on the ever rising demand for foodstuff, allowing for the rise in the population's revenues. At the same time, experts warn about a slight sluggishness in adjusting to the new requirements of the single European market, as well as to a string competitive environment.
As regards the evolution of foreign trade, the National Commission for Economic Projection forecast for 23008 and 2009, too, that the food industry is able to maintain the dynamic of exports above the one of total exports, contributing in this way to the improvement of the commercial deficit.

The growth in terms of value of the food industry exports is appraised at some 20% in 2008 and 17.5% in 2009, whereas for imports the growth pace is expected to reach 15.8% this year and 9.4% next year. The commercial deficit of the food industry will go up this year to 2.16 billion euros, compared to 1.88 billion euros last year and 2.33 billion euros in 2009.
According to the National Commission for Economic Projection, the average number of employees working in the food industry will continue the upward trend in 2008 and 2009, with 5,000 people a year, reaching the next year to 190,000 euros. The average gross monthly salary will go up in the next years also, however, in a moderate pace, so that this year it is expected to reach 1,239 lei (about 350 euros), up 15.8% as against 2007. Next year, the gross wage in the food industry is expected to go up 10.1% over this year to 1,364 lei (some 385 euros).
According to the National Commission for Economic Projection, in the first part of the year in EU countries, inflation of food products reached alarming levels, being aggravated by the simultaneous rise in the prices of energy, which directly influenced production cost in the food industry, increasing the prices of fodders, pesticides, Diesel oil, transport and [processing.
Indirectly the rapid growth of the price of crude oil increased the demand fro biofuel which, for its part, deepened the consumption of cereals. These influences were felt in Romania also, the group of foodstuff having a significant contribution to inflation, daily Business Standard reports.

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