INS: Turnover in services to grow over Aug-Oct

The demand in services (turnover) will keep its ascending trend over August – September (+ 24% balance). National Statistics Institute (INS) data say, citing estimates by companies' managers.
Sale or invoice prices for services will grow during the coming three months, (+22%), Companies' managers opine.

The number of employees in the services sector is expected to grow slightly (+10%), over the three months ahead.
The economic state of services was appreciated as good both in terms of their whole activity (+20%) and contingent on the company's size, during the last thee months.
In terms of the growth in turnover, big companies rank first (250- 499 employees) whose balance stands at 64 per cent, followed by middle sized companies (50-249 employees) with a balance of + 50%, and small companies, numbering 1-49 employees with a balance of +13%.
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