PM Tariceanu: Our ambition is to turn Romania into an excellence pole in the region

Our ambition is to turn Romania into an excellence pole in the region, a medium power in the European Union, both in political and in economic terms, Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu told the opening session on Tuesday of the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomats and Consuls.
'We must have the ambition to compare ourselves to the Central European countries and reach for their innovation, education and public services levels. For this to happen, we will have to boost productivity, encourage efficient work, stimulate entrepreneurs and research, which are the only long-term engines for the economy,' said Tariceanu.
He added that Romania has become an attractive country that proves able to outperform itself.

'The economic growth in excess of 8 percent in the first half of 2008 and of 9.3 percent in the second quarter, after the acknowledged growth of the previous years, are the result of systematic efforts supported by four principles: liberal economic mechanisms, boosting investment and continuing development, dampening inflation, and providing support for sound economic growth.
As a result, Romanians have witnessed a 23-percent increase in their net income from 2007 and incomes have advanced 15-20 percent over the past years. As many as 600,000 jobs were created and the Government substantially cut the black and gray labour market. Real convergence with EU averages rose from 33 percent in 2004 to a current 41 percent and it is projected to go up to 60 percent in 2012,' said Tariceanu.
The annual meeting of Romanian ambassadors and consuls, organised by the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) is going on Tuesday and Wednesday under the theme 'An expanding economy, a dynamic diplomacy.'

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