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Premier Tariceanu: At summit, EU has proven itself as major actor on international scene

Agerpres correspondent Petronela Gruev reports: The extraordinary summit held on Monday, Sept. 1 in Brussels, proves the capacity of the European Union (EU) to be a major actor and give a fast and efficient response to international crisis situations, Romanian PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu remarked at the end of the European Council called by the EU French Presidency to discuss the situation in Georgia.
'Unlike the previous situation – no extraordinary European Council has been summoned since 2003, when the issue of Iraq was discussed, and at that date European partners were strongly divided – this time a consensus was found on the stances adopted by the EU to solve the crisis. The EU has thus proven that it can be a major actor in international policy and this also relied on the prompt and efficient reaction of the French EU Presidency that resulted in the cease of hostilities based on the six-point agreement signed by the Presidents of Russia and Georgia,' said Premier Tariceanu.
The head of the government in Bucharest also mentioned that on the sidelines of the Brussels Council he also met with his Georgian counterpart who advocated the cause of his country and asked all EU member officials he met with to back Georgia's reconstruction efforts.

His partners of talks resonated, as the final document adopted by the EU heads of state and government includes two elements that represent 'an evident helping hand reached to Georgia,' Tariceanu explained. 'It is about a special visa regime and the establishment of a free trade area to help Georgia's economy hit by the conflict, but more than that, give it a European perspective.'
In the opinion of the Romanian Prime Minister, the Summit held Monday in Brussels was a success that represents an important landmark in the reinvigoration of the EU as an international high-profile actor. 'In this situation, the EU was probably the only political structure capable of credibly and efficiently mediating this conflict,' underscored Tariceanu.
He said that the solution found by the European leaders, of adopting a firm tone to Russia, yet in full awareness that sanctioning and isolating Russia is not a good idea, is the 'best formula to sort out the issue.'

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