Ford invites 40 of the biggest car traders to Romania

Ford Europe invited in Romania on September 3, as many as 40 of the most important suppliers of the automotive industry to participate in a meeting that will take place in Craiova (southern Romania), the company informs.
On this occasion, Ford representatives will make a short presentation of the company's plans of turning the plant into a state-of-the-art production center.
"The conference is an example of the fact that we are meeting the pledges we made along the privatization process, when we said we will encourage our suppliers to open operations centers in Romania or use Romanian traders as partners, or to open own branches to support our production in Craiova" said John Fleming, president and CEO of Ford Europe.
"However, at the conference, we will not announce additional investments or details on our plans," said Fleming.
Most companies invited to participate in the event are already suppliers of car parts for the other seven car assembly plants of the company Ford Europe in Belgium, Germany, UK, Russia, Spain and Turkey. At the conference were also invited relevant Romanian companies which at present do not have partnerships with Ford.
Before going to Craiova on September 2, suppliers will be invited by Ford's management at an official meting in Bucharest, an event at which also invited is PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. "The conference in Craiova is part of our strategy of involving suppliers and it is the next logical step in planning and preparing the production in our-based plant ," said Birgit Behrendt, executive manager for global programme and vice-president for acquisitions of Ford Europe.

"Besides the information of suppliers about or plans for Craiova, during the meeting the necessary details relating to local business opportunities will be provided, from the identification of Romanian companies able to deliver goods and services to the existing opportunities in establishing own operations in Romania," said Behrendt.
At the beginning of this year, at the same time with the takeover of the Craiova-based plant, Ford Europe confirmed that the commercial vehicle Ford Transit Connect would be manufactured in the Craiova-based plant, as of mid-2009. The company confirmed that in 2010 will start the production only in Craiova of a new small class model, which will not be, hoverer, the new Fiesta model.
On March 21, 2008 Ford Motor Company became majority shareholder of former automotive production center Automobile Craiova. The plant joins other seven car assembly plants, as well as 13 plants for the production of engines, transmissions, car parts (including joint ventures) from the entire Europe.
Through an investment of 675 million euros, Ford committed to turning the Craiova-based plant into a state-of-the-art production center. The modernization works of the plant have already started. The projects include the establishment of a new section of production of car bodies, upgrade and expansion of capacity and flexibility of dye works section and the equipment of finishing areas and the retouch section of the assembly department.
At the end of June 2008, Ford Europe had announced its plans of establishing in Romania a national company of sales (CNV), which will take over as of August 2010, the entire responsibility of the marketing activities, sales and service for Ford cars. The establishment of a national sales company in Romania is a consequence of a constant rise in the sales of Ford cars over the past years and the acquisition of the plant in Craiova.
Ford expects spending worth some one billion euros a year in Romania to support its activities from the Craiova-based plant. The number of jobs in the plant will double from 3,900 at present to 7,000 and the annual production of cars and engines will amount to 300,000 each.
Ford Europe is dealing with the production, sales and service operations for the cars of Ford brand on 51 markets, including Russia and Turkey.

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